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Kirtan Darbar Patti Bura Pictures are Updated

22 April 2013 Kirtan Darbar Patti Bura diya photos website tey update kar dittiyan gaiyan han Ji.

2013-04-23 11:54:51

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Pind Di Sham

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Main Gate

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Guru Ghar

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Pind Da Nazara

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Railway Crossing Fatak

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Gurudwara Sahib Patti Burha

About Sarai Khas

Early Creation of the Village

The village was originally known as Mai Athö Da Khera
In the 17th Century, at the time of the Mughals invasion  there was much terrorising and thieving by the Mughals.  Sadhu was one of a few men who stood up against the Mughals and refused to leave the village.  During fighting, his head was severed – this occurred at the place now known as Baba Marr, (in Patti Chela on the path from Sarai Khas to Kartarpur).  Sadhu continued to fight for approximately 2 furlaang, (500m), with his severed head.  The point at which he finally died is also marked within the village.
After this event, Mai Athö re-established the village named Sarawan.
Historically it is unclear of the relationship between Mai Athö and Sadhu.  It is unclear if he was he was a relative or husband of Mai Athö, or whether he was from one of the settler families.
It is clear that the family first establishing the village had five sons.  The name of the fifth brother is less known; he had no offspring.  Therefore the fifth brother’s inheritance was split between the other four brothers which is why each of the brothers had homes in one Patti but some of their land is in another Patti.  In part, this explains why, even to this day, families in one Patti have agricultural land in another Patti.
The other four sons names were Uttam (Billa), Ram Ditta (Chela), Bura (Bura) & Bhagari (Bhagari)
The village is  divided in four Parts (or Patti) Billa, Bura, Bhagari and Chela.
The actual spelling of Bhagari is Bhikhaari
Geographical Location

The village is situated 7 miles from Jalandhar, 2 miles from Kartarpur, ½ mile south of GT Road.
Early Business

During the India/Pakistan partition period (1947), the village comprised of a number of small industry families e.g. brick making and sock knitting, one example of the small family business is the Sock-knitting business in Bhura Patti.  This was owned by late Sardar Kaabul Singh (he has 2 sons – one lives in UK, (Preetam Singh) and the other in India, Piara Singh)

The population of the village consists

    *   Jat Sikhs
    *   Christians
    *   Majbi Sikh
    *   Hindus

The families Bains, Sandhu, Nagra, Malhi, Sanghera are ‘settlers’ in the village.

Our village information according to Census 2010

Houses 748
Men 1987
Women 1850
Total Population 3837
Computers 66
Internet Connections 31
Banks 3
Shops 104
Gurudwara's 5
Temple 1
Church 1
Mosque 1
Dispensary 1
Veterinary Hospital 1
Gym 2
School 2
Post Office 1
Water Tank 2
Patwari House 1

Sarai Khas Location

V.P.O :- Sarai Khas
Tehsil :- Kartarpur
Pin Code :- 144805
Opposite :- C.R.P.F Camp
Block :- Jalandhar West
Distt :- Jalandhar
State :- Punjab

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